The Little Boy with the Little Boat

Break the Silence 

The Philippines, El Nino. The boy followed us was to a lonely, secluded beach. He was walking quietly, behind us, dragging something. We stopped to look at the sea and he continued walking a few more steps. Then he stopped and he dropped in the water that thing he was dragging along the way. It was a little boat, made of  wood.

We got closer and asked him if he made his boat himself. He said ‘Yes’, and he kept looking at sea. We asked him if he liked school and what was his favorite subject. He told us that he was not going to school, he had no ‘mama’ and no ‘papa’, just an elder brother. Then he added, this time looking at us: “I made the boat so that I can go look for my parents when I grow up. I am just waiting for the boat to grow up”.

We kept silent and went on looking at the sea together with the boy and his little boat.

HK _ Pilipine 122


8 thoughts on “The Little Boy with the Little Boat

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