Drawing Textures

Some time ago, when I started the drawing challenge, I found a great blog post  with illustrations of different surface textures. I fell in love immediately with the textures (anyhow, I am really fond of patterns I see everywhere around me ) and I decided to give it a try.

I used only pencil (2&4B) and rubber, and some of the depictions are not that accurate. But it was an interesting exercice and next time I plan to use other materials such as soft & hard pastel, charcoal, even watercolor, etc and integrate various techniques.

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Thanks for the inspiration, Michaela !


Challenge: You Can Draw in 30 Days (Lesson 20)

Two more weeks passed since the last milestone (Lesson 10) and I am not at Lesson 20. Yay!

I think I love this drawing the most. Maybe because it’s different due to the curved horizon line. Or because I’ve made it to Lesson 20 :). Anyhow, ten more lessons to complete…can’t wait ’til number 30!

Lesson 20

Challenge: You Can Draw in 30 Days (Lesson 10)

Last week, I started the one month challenge of learning how to draw.  Eight days later, I am finally at Lesson 10.

Lesson 10 talks about the cylinder and up to now I learned to use important basic concepts like placement, overlapping of objects, shading, contour lines, shadows, etc.

At the end of these eight days I feel more confident and I’m not so scared anymore of drawing. Plus, it’s really fun and fulfilling. I now get that feeling in the morning of wanting to jump out of bed before the alarm goes off and start drawing :). And it’s so nice!

Lesson 10 looks like this: IMG_20140709_144141 IMG_20140709_142518 (2)


Challenge: You Can Draw in 30 Days (Lesson 1)

I’ve always wanted to know how to draw. More often than not, I have a strange impression that I know hot to draw, imagining that I’m capable of really good drawings, but every time I sit down in front of a blank sheet, nothing good comes out of it. To be completely honest, it’s a complete wreck :). I tried to copy some photos, to draw from imagination, to draw in a kid style…but it doesn’t really work.

So I found a brilliant book that teaches you to draw in 30 days, even if you have little or no previous drawing experience.

you can draw in 30 days

I decided to take up the challenge and complete the 30 days by the time I leave Kyoto (though I guess it’ll happen sooner than that as I have a looooot of free time :)).

The first thing you need to do in Day 1 is to draw 3 things: a house, a plane and a bagel. In this way, in Day 30 you can see how much you have progressed. After that, the teaching begins, step by step (like drawing a sphere, an apple, etc).

So I did:

IMG_20140701_155147 IMG_20140701_155401

I’m curious how will my drawings look in Day 10, Day 20 and Day 30. Will post photos of the progress.

Off drawing now!