A Magic World

(This post is for Andra with whom I share the same obsession :))

I am in love with stationery. Going to a stationery and getting lost into thousands of cute and colorful small items has been an eternal fascination for me. Maybe it’s got to do with the fact that when I was a kid, back home in Romania, I didn’t have any of these wonderful items that exists nowadays. The best thing that I had in terms of stationery was a so-called Chinese pencil case, which was en-vogue in the ’90’s, and which I got for Christmas. It looked something like this:


(My sister told me that I was actually so obsessed with this pencil case that I wanted to have hers as well. Because she wouldn’t give it to me, of course, I ended up throwing it on the floor and stepping on it, so that she couldn’t have it either. Ooops, I’m not too proud of that).

Now being in Japan, my fascination grew even bigger, as I found here the Mecca of all stationery. The stores are often like a two or three storey maze, brimming with beautiful and ingenious stuff, things that you wouldn’t even dream of.

From plain colored paper, to letter paper and cards, paper bags or rainbow-looking masking tape, choosing something becomes almost a tyranny:

Colored paper Paper bags Paper letterIMG_20140621_154019

Not to mention the wonderfully colored notebooks, monthly planners or the wide choice of pens and pencils:

IMG_20140621_160014 IMG_20140621_155933IMG_20140621_170439

Having a pencil case like that when I was a kid?! I wouldn’t let go of it even when sleeping I guess :)


The paper clips, post-its or pencil sharpeners: the magic is here!

Optimized-IMG_20140621_163053 Optimized-IMG_20140621_163246 Optimized-IMG_20140621_174637 Optimized-IMG_20140621_174712

Something peculiar that I’ve never seen elsewhere: some beautifully designed sheets that are used for book covers. They are so artsy and visually striking that I would actually hang them on the walls or frame them, not using them for book wrapping!

Optimized-IMG_20140429_165809 (1) Optimized-IMG_20140429_165922 Optimized-IMG_20140429_165845

And thanks to Andra, I discovered the world of the tiny toys (often collectibles) which I overlooked somehow up to now. But as I’ve been looking for some Sonny Angels for Andra (she’s a huge fan of the cute angels which apparently are a massive craze in Japan), I met a lot of adorable little creatures. And I’ve only been to some two or three stores so far!


The famous Sonny Angels

…and lots of other little guys that I found charming:

Optimized-IMG_20140621_162816 Optimized-IMG_20140621_162823 Optimized-IMG_20140621_163011 Optimized-IMG_20140621_163017Optimized-IMG_20140621_175937 Optimized-IMG_20140621_180016

Can’t imagine how it’s like being a kid in Japan! :)

(Pictures were taken @ Loft, Tokyu Hands and hands be)